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RooferWatch: San Jose, CA

After completing our recent Roofer Watch for nearby Santa Clara, we turned our attention to San Jose, California. Surprisingly, despite how near the two cities are to each other, only one roofer showed up in both lists. This means there is a lot of potential for local roofers t … more

RooferWatch: Santa Clara, CA

At the request of a local roofer, we just completed a competition report for Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara is in the heart of the high tech Silicon Valley. But interestingly, we found that the roofers in the area have not benefited … more

RooferWatch: Scottsdale, AZ

We’ve just completed our RooferWatch survey for Scottsdale, Arizona. Two roofers in this survey received the highest Local scores we’ve seen from any roofer in any city. The online competition from roofers in Scottsdale is fierce, and befitti … more

Trends: “Big Data” for Local Roofers

It used to be that only the largest corporations had to be concerned about “big data.” But not anymore. Today, big data plays an important role in the success of all businesses, big or smal … more

RooferWatch: Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon became known as the “City of Roses,” because it has an ideal climate for growing these delicate flowers. Portland generally has cool, rainy winters followed by warm, dry summers. We’ve just c … more

Trends: Is Your Roofing Website “Smartphone Smart”‚Äč?

According to Google, more customers today search online using a smartphone than they do using a desktop or notebook computer. And as Google also points out … “People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.” As a result, Google, … more

RooferWatch: Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City is the 27th largest city in the U.S. So as you might expect, there are many roofers in the area, and the competition among them is str … more

RooferWatch: Beaverton, OR

Beaverton, Oregon is a suburb of Portland, in the heart of the “Silicon Forest.” Being so close to so many high-tech companies, the roofers in Beaverton boast some of the highest scores we’ve seen in our Roofer Watch reports. As a matter of fact, one roofe … more

Trends: Roofers, It’s Time for a Good NAP

Roofers, it’s time a good NAP. No, I’m not talking about a little extra snooze time, though that does sound good right about now. Instead, I’m talking about your “online NAP.&#8 … more

RooferWatch: Anchorage, Alaska

Roofing competition in the Anchorage, AK area is fierce. We’ve just completed our competitive analysis of roofers in the area, and we saw som … more

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